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Not wanting to have sex with someone is not discrimination.








A friend of mine shared this post on Twitter today about something one of her friend’s witnessed in NYC last night, and I felt it was important for us to post it on here - as a way of both getting the word out and seeing if anyone has any way of helping the situation (blogging, writing an article, knowledge of a missing person, etc.) Please share if you can - there has to be something we can do to help. It is possible to get in touch with the original source - please first email it to and we will forward it to her. 

Jesus fucking Christ.

Jesus fucking Christ.

If possible, never, ever let someone leave like this. If you can offer the cabbie money to not go. Insist that the woman, man, child that is being abducted stays with you. DO NOT LET THEM GO.

I’m so fucking upset right now. I AM SO FUCKING PISSED. OH MY GOD.

The woman said “no,” out loud, twice. But apparently the word “no” is meaningless when you’re drunk.

And we have no idea where this woman is.

HOWEVER, if your friend had the number and licence of the cab, she can call the can company and advise them that their cab driver just assisted in the unlawful abduction of a woman.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - Nature Boy

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Nature Boy

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the female body is hardcore as fuck. 

Yes is it.

so is the male body
it’s sad to see so many people like this on this website

OP is praising the fact that women hold a fucking infant in their belly the size of a ribcage, get the fuck over yourself for 3.5 seconds.

The male body is shit, it doesn’t do anything. Fuck off

when they are that big its hard to breathe deeply or eat an entire meal. its pretty fucked up.

also I just want to point out that men aren’t even necessary in reproduction anymore thanks science x


Misogyny is not the “hatred of feminine attributes and femininity,” feminine attributes and femininity are the fucking primary tools of misogyny.

  • What they say to kids who want pets: Are you sure you're not just saying you want one because all your friends have one? Remember, it's not going to be small and cute forever, it will grow up eventually! It's a living being that will depend entirely on you for the rest of its life. Are you really sure you're ready for this?
  • What they say to adults who DON'T want kids: Oh, you'll want one sooner or later. Everybody does, after all. Besides, babies are soooo cute, aren't they? You'd better hurry up before you get too old!

"Greek myths mention several Islands of Women, where Amazons lived without men, only consorting with neighboring colonies of males at certain seasons when they wanted to conceive their children. Taurus, Lemnos, and Lesbos were said to be such all-female societies. The Greeks apparently feared them. They said the women of Taurus sacrificed to their Goddess all men who landed on their shores; and the women of Lemnos had risen up against their husband and murdered all of them at once. The Greek writers seemed to have no doubt that women could destroy whole populations of adult males, and there was no effective defense against them."

- The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker (p. 26)

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

"“Crazy” is such a convenient word for men, perpetuating our sense of superiority. Men are logical; women are emotional. Emotion is the antithesis of logic. When women are too emotional, we say they are being irrational. Crazy. Wrong.

Women hear it all the time from men. “You’re overreacting,” we tell them. “Don’t worry about it so much, you’re over-thinking it.” “Don’t be so sensitive.” “Don’t be crazy.” It’s a form of gaslighting — telling women that their feelings are just wrong, that they don’t have the right to feel the way that they do. Minimizing somebody else’s feelings is a way of controlling them. If they no longer trust their own feelings and instincts, they come to rely on someone else to tell them how they’re supposed to feel.

Small wonder that abusers love to use this c-word. It’s a way of delegitimizing a woman’s authority over her own life."

"I feel that assuming a non-conforming kid is automatically transexual actually reinforces the idea of a solid, inherent gender binarity instead of breaking it. If you’re a boy and you like “girl stuff” like skirts and dolls and hair accessories, does it mean you’re actually a girl? Or does it just mean that associations between gender and types of clothing and gendered play are taught instead of inherent? A non-conforming kid might end up being trans, or not. They might end-up being gay, which was my case. Or they might end up just being non-conforming. Non-conformity doesn’t mean you need a new gender. It means the whole idea of gender is broken as fuck."

- tumblr user shamelesslyunladylike (via pishtacos)

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